• CUP - Coffee Uniting People - Creating Inclusive Opportunities

Our Mission

CUP is a Florida Non-Profit  501(c)(3)  tax exempt organization, that will operate integrated inclusive coffeehouses. In the summer of 2022, CUP will open its first coffeehouse in South Tampa Florida that will employ individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs), providing a place for people of all abilities to work together.

Ultimately, CUP will encompass much more than a single coffeehouse. Our goal is to provide comprehensive support, including but not limited to residential facilities, social services, family programs, recreation and much more. The need for employment opportunities for individuals with IDDs is profound, the need for integrated employment opportunities is even more so. CUP will address this issue and will make a difference in the lives of many in our community and beyond!

Our coffee is bold. So is our mission.

CUP - Coffee Uniting People


Approximately 5 million people of the more than 300 million people living in United States have an intellectual or developmental disability (IDD).

The U.S. Department of Labor Office of Disability Employment classifies integrated employment as jobs held by people with disabilities in typical workplace settings where most persons employed are not persons with disabilities. Integrated employment opportunities for individuals with IDDs are extremely limited. There is a need in our South Tampa community and beyond to provide integrated and inclusive employment opportunities  for individuals with IDDs. CUP will address that need!

Our Story

Beginning with our involvement with Challenger Baseball (baseball for boys and girls with IDDs), we understood there is significant need for inclusive opportunities for people with IDDs. Jobs provide a purpose in life for people in the IDD community. Jobs that provide a sustainable living wage for individuals with IDDs are severely lacking in our community. There is simply no reason for this to exist. We want to change the way individuals with IDDs live, work and are seen in our community (and beyond) and make a more inclusive way of life for people living with IDDs.